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Fuzen Kumori
Fuzen Kumori
Name Fuzen Kumori
Fox spirit
Kanji 不善
Romanji Kumori Fuzen
Personal Status
Birthdate August 18th
Age 19
Gender 20px-Gender Female1.svg Female
Height 166.7 cm
Weight 49 kg
Blood Type AB-
Hometown 100px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure
Home Country 70px-Land of Fire Symbol.svg Land of Fire
Affiliation Herself
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure
Occupation Traveller
Team Herself
Partner Kurama
Family Naruto Uzumaki (Father-figure, Master)
Classification Jinchūriki
Tailed Beasts Kurama
Nature Type 100px-Nature Icon Wind.svg Wind (Affinity)
100px-Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire

Fuzen Kumori (曇り 不善, Kumori Fuzen, the new prodigy child foreseen by the Great Toad Sage during one of his many unpredictable visions. She who is born and raised by herself in a small shinobi town in the Land of Fire had been found and taken under the wing of the Sixth Hokage. Learned and felt what she had missed all those years in her loneliness and despair and trained to be the Fourth host of Kurama, Fuzen wholeheartedly accepted her destiny in the hope to change the world like her father-figure and master. She, like many other inhabitants of Konohagakure, had inherited the Will of Fire.




Will of Fire



Early Life

Becoming the Fourth Host

The Elder Toad had summoned Naruto personally to the Mountain to tell him he had foreseen that Naruto's end would come soon - the time actual time and cause of death were unclear. He did tell Naruto that he also had foreseen the next Host of Kurama. One that would become entirely one with the beast itself at one point, unlike Naruto who had befriended Kurama with half of his chakra and to save the world of the disaster. This prodigy child lives in a small town within the Land of Fire and Naruto would know who this child could be with a mere interaction... they would have a connection.

Returning to his home, Konoha, Naruto as the Hokage, could not leave his village without a proper reason. But explaining what the Elder Toad had told the man himself, the higher ups had cleared that he could leave his village in the hands of Sasuke - the assistant and stand-in of Naruto. (Sakura has become the best medical ninja after Tsunade and would also help Sasuke with taking the control of Konoha.) Naruto left the village with three bodyguards and went from town to town in the Land of Fire. Finally at the fourth day of his search party, Naruto found a child that was rumored to be a Tenko (Fox Spirit) for the color of her hair was similar to that of Kurama and not to mention her short drifty temper that feared the other children of the small town. He went towards her and asked: "Little girl, where are your parents?" The girl looked at him with her big forest-green eyes and replied:

"They say that I've killed them when I was a child. They say that I'm a monster and a demon – an unwanted child. I'm unwanted and feared by the humans that life here. I belief them... or rather I let them belief that I'm the demon that they want me to be," she paused as she blinked. It was rare... unique that a person dared to approach this bluntly. Normally a personal would ask her and upon hearing her story… they would walk away. No, she was surprised that the man in front of her looked beyond pissed. He patted her head and smiled: "I was once like you and trust me, little girl, that you are special. Special but not unwanted. Come with me and I'll change your world. I'm Naruto Uzumaki... the Sixth Hokage and who are you little girl?" She blushed and glanced down at the ground. “Fuzen – Fuzen Kumori.”

Timeskip - Two years

It was a casual warm summer day in the late month of August whereas Fuzen had just turned seven. She astounded her master and father-figure with her exceptional skills towards the Wind nature and hints towards a second element, Fire. He had personally trained Fuzen to become a stunning kunoichi that would carry his Nindo and Will of Fire. However, Fuzen merely acknowledged and accepted Naruto's presence and would merely interact with other children to please him and to make him proud. Fuzen really looked up to Naruto and would do anything to make him feel proud of his 'daughter'/student. Naruto had studied a sealing technique of the Uzumaki Clan to perform on Fuzen. After all, she would become his successor as the host of Kurama -- his ally, comrade and friend. The Kitsune had changed a lot after the war had been a victory. Naruto and Kurama had worked together to end the Kitsune's extreme hatred for the humans, which had been a success, however, Kurama's sub consciousness still hadn't forgiven the pathetic humans. Little did Naruto progress that in his sealing plan as Kurama had already accepted the young child's presence.

"Fuzen do you remember I told you that you are special," questioned the second blonde Hokage. The now eight year old girl nodded her head. "It is time that I'll pass on Kurama to you. I trust you to take care of the idiot," he said with a goofy smile on his lips. Fuzen stood in front of Naruto, silently and unmoving, until she reached out and hugged the man tightly. She had known it for a while that she would be the next Host. She had known that Naruto would soon be gone from her life. It aches her heart to know that he was forced to say a goodbye to his partner, Kurama. "Thank you, f-father. Thank you for trusting me... for giving me an actual life. And... I'm sorry for my stupid arrogant behavior. I'll take care of Kurama-san and will abide the Will of Fire you passed unto me. With Kurama I'll protect Konohagakure and the Land of Fire."

Naruto laughed, "I don't want you to become a weapon, Fu-chan. Nor will I leave you. Don't forget I'm an Uzumaki! You haven't forgotten the story I told you about my mother, eh?" She nodded as an answer, a quiet person in front of Naruto, and always respectful to him. He squeezed her shoulders and pushed her softly away to look into her beautiful forest-green eyes. "Don't ever forget that I love you, my child. No matter what will happen!"

Her flat stomach was visible and the cold air tickled the bare skin. She was beyond scared of what was coming to her and what would happen to her. "Don't fear what will be dawned to you, child. I know that you're anxious and there is no need. I'll be here and you belief in me, don't you Fu?" She clasped his outstretched hand and gave it a stern squeeze and he chuckled. "I'll begin now; relax and don't squirm too much." Naruto scribbled down the necessary sealing Kanji around the altar whereon Fuzen laid. After finishing scribbling down the Kanji he placed a seal on his own stomach and placed his left hand on Fuzen's. He gathered his chakra in the palm of both of his hands and concentrated. The silence was tense, very tense, and dramatically long. It stayed in this utter silence until the chakra of the Kitsune began to pour out of Naruto who breathed deeply out as the sting pain went through the core of his body.

He gasped as the extraction of the Nine-tails went on. The scribbled Kanji began to glow brightly red as the entire beast slowly went towards his new Host. The ink of Naruto's own seal dripped on the bare ground and a smear bundle on his own stomach. It was the worst pain that Naruto ever encountered as he gathered his weakened state altogether to complete the seal, "Forgotten Sealing Technique: Four Trigrams Sealing." Unlike the Eight Trigrams Sealing Technique, this had been used by Minato on Naruto. This sealing technique allows the beast and the host to slowly mold to become one as Naruto had wished for Fuzen and Kurama to be one. Over time the seal would eventually break and the two would be one due to that time nears.

Naruto stepped away as the Kanji streamed upwards, crawling over the body of the unconscious Fuzen, and slowly the seal became to form. He breathed painfully and staggered on his knees as the extraction and sealing had exhausted him. "I c-can't believe it! I-we did it Fu-chan... we did it..." he trailed off as he widened his eyes upon seeing his student.

The Island and Friendship

The Broken Seal

Two have become One

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Nature Transformation

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